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An international trading company, Al Jozan Trading Company specializes in industrial plant equipment, spare parts, power generation, transmission, and distribution equipment trading.

The company integrates and completes the design, manufacturing, project management, and construction, as well as the transportation of electrical power, building materials, steel, and iron.

Our company values

Safety 1st

Al Jozan Trading Company is committed to protecting all of its resources, including its employees and physical assets, from accidental injury and loss.


We are committed to ensuring that our products and services always meet the requirements of our customers.


Our business is conducted with due respect for the society in which we operate, and we want an open and honest dialogue with all of our stakeholders.


Among Al Jozan Trading Company's core values are health and safety, environmental stewardship, honesty and integrity, corporate citizenship, and a high-performance team.
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Versatile solutions for the special needs of different industries

As a result of our unrivalled industry experience and in-depth knowledge, we are able to provide safe and cost-effective industrial equipment for cement factories, industrial equipment for cable productions factories, industrial equipment for chemical production, spare parts for power plants, spare parts for industrial equipment, transmission and distribution equipment.

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Industrial Equipment

Our resume is comprised of over 1,500 projects completed

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